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Flexpet Maximum Strength 30 count
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Customer Reviews

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So far so good but it's only been 8 days and he is 14 yrs old and had 2 FHO surgeries

Jacqueline Rodman
What's there to lose? We are blessed beyond measure

Our almost nine year old Lhasa Apso Ingrid experienced an unexpected herniated disc. She quite literally went from one day being an active and feisty pup to partially paralyzed from the back hips down to her tail, trembling in severe pain, unable to eat or drink, and listless. After seeing the vet that evening, we headed home with a diagnosis, steroids, and instructions to keep our dog as still as possible for ten days. She was confined to a portable baby crib, carried everywhere, and needed to wear a diaper due to loss of muscle function.

We saw minimal change in our dog. The vet told us our main options were to schedule a costly back surgery at an urban hospital an hour away with no guarantee of success, a "humane" euthanization to put Ingrid out of her misery, or to get a specialized wheelchair built for her and begin physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments.

Coming across videos about FlexPet as potential ongoing anti-inflammatory treatment, I thought, "What's there to lose?" Within one week, Ingrid was walking without any limping, crying, shaking, or hesitation. In the 7.5 weeks since Ingrid's original diagnosis, she has rebounded and become her former self.

We feel blessed beyond measure for the gift of healing that FlexPet has offered our dog...and entire family. Ingrid will continue taking FlexPet daily. Thank you for allowing such a tremendous product to be available for public purchase.

Works so well

These are worth the price. My dog loves them. She is able to move around better after eating them. They are so easy to mush around pills she normally wont take when I do this. Even pill pockets for hiding pills dont work. She eats around the pill but with these she gobbles it right up. Thank you to the makers.

Katy Kat
Luxating Patella healed after 3 months on this product

My 15lb dog had injured her hind leg resulting in a luxating patella. Taking in her age (less than a year) and her smaller size, she healed up in about five months without the need of expensive surgery. The first 2 months I was putting her in a support splint and giving her joint medicine that didnt have the CM8 in it and unfortunately she developed the same issue in her other leg. Then I found this product. After being on it for three months, her joints are now fully healed in both legs! I believe it was the CM8 that encouraged the repair. Shes running, jumping and acts like she never had a problem. I can also tell her joints/muscles have gotten stronger. Im relieved she is fully recovered. I cant believe how well this worked for her. While it did take a long time and it was expensive, she never needed surgery which Im extremely grateful for.

It works!

I try to run my little 16 lb half jack half chihuahua daily beside my bike not too fast juts a good trot and one day he may have run a little too hard. Next day he could not jump up on the couch or the bed and was really down. I palpated his rear muscles but he did not wince or cry but we made a vet appt anyway. In the meantime I searched these products and saw the reviews got it and it works! 2 days later on this pill he was up and about 4 days later he's his old self jumping and running. He loves the taste of this chewy too. This product seems to work really well. He only needs half a pill too at his weight. Very pleased and highly recommend!

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