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Flexpet with CM8 - Maximum Strength 180 count
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Judith Moore

Helps keep our aging dogs active & healthy!

Michele Roten
Miracle Chew

I started giving Flexpet to our Josie girl when she tore her RCL about 4 years ago and gave never stopped. I did the dosage and rest like the vet recommended and little by little she healed. Thank you Flexpet!

Randy Pritchard
Good stuff

One of our dogs has hip problems and could barely walk some days. We started him on flex pet max strength about two years ago and he has improved greatly. Seems like he is in less pain and has a lot fewer bad days where he has trouble walking. We have this on auto ship so we don’t forget to order.

Jennifer W. Davidson
The Best

We have been giving our 10-year-old pit/lab mix flexpets every morning for two years or so. Before we started giving them to her, she was quite hobbled. She would move stiffly and seemingly painfully when she got up from her dog bed. And she had stopped even trying to put her front paws on the bed to get lifted up. We never see her looking hobbled anymore. And when she is not thinking about it, she can jump up on the bed just fine. But mostly she does put her front paws up while we lift her the rest of the way. I don’t know why Flexpet works. I just know that it does. And we are very grateful for that!

Steve Riga

We have an 8yr old german shepherd that began having difficulty getting up, running and playing. She would cry at night because she hurt so bad. We started giving her flexpet ~1yr ago and the results have been amazing. She is running, jumping, playing and is much happier. Our 4 and 2yr old rotti’s are also taking flexpet for their joints. Great product and customer service. I highly recommend this product. Thank you: Steve

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