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Flexpet with CM8 - Regular Strength 60 count
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Angela Bennett
Great product!!

My little dog has been diagnosed with a knee that will eventually have severe issues. ACL. I’ve had him on flex pet for several months now and he does soo much better on it. And he loves the taste I hope this review helps.


Great product it has help my dog thank you so much

John S
Excellent Product

My 16 year old Yorkie has very bad hip issues, crying with pain and unable to stand, I ran out of medication from vet. The vet was away o Administered "FLEXPET" one daily. I am amazed after three days my Yorkie was up walking, no more crying through the night. If your pet is suffering with joint issues you got to give this product a try, you wouldn't be sorry.n vacation. I Seen "Flexpet" advertised on the internet. I ordered it from Amazon received medication in two days.

Susan Smith
No more limping! Amazing product!

My 1.5 year old Blue nose Pitbull was limping for about 8 months. I was spending so much money taking him to the veterinary where we even contemplating surgery. Then I remembered seeing a Youtube video of Flexpet with a Pitbull in it and I decided to Google it. I found it on Amazon and once I started giving my dog this product, it took about 1-2 weeks to see immediate results. This product is a miracle! It was so stressful seeing my buddy in such discomfort. Now he runs faster than he's ever ran. Thank you Flexcin!

Life Changing Product

This product is truly amazing. My dog was on Deramaxx for his arthritis. It had many negative side effects and was very expensive. I thought I would try Flexpet as a healthier option. My 15 year old diabetic Westie is so much more mobile and actually runs around from time to time. It has been so joyful to see Ernie feeling more like his younger self. I highly recommend Flexpet for an older dog suffering with joint pain and inflammation. It's been life changing for us.

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